Construction, approaches, varieties and processes of e-portfolios in post-secondary education
Workshop at DE Summit February 15-18 2011

Dr Debra Hoven
Centre for Distance Education
Athabasca University


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Workshop Schedule
1. Solicitation of participants’ backgrounds & expectations (5 mins)
2. General overview of e-portfolios and digital storytelling (20-30 minutes)
a. Differences and similarities between them
b. what constitutes an e-portfolio
c. how does an e-portfolio differ from a traditional portfolio (with examples, samples and illustrations)
d. styles of e-portfolio
e. styles of digital stories
f. applications in regional, intercultural or minority contexts (aboriginal education, low or non-existent internet connectivity, low literacy in English)
g. Critical reflection, reflective practice, non-formal, informal and formal learning
h. Transition to professional practice, employment and promotion
i. Communities of learners, communities of practice and lifelong learning
3. Sample uses and purposes of digital storytelling in distance education (illustration, analysis, demonstration, structure and purposes) (10 mins)
4. Sample uses and purposes of e-portfolios in distance education (illustration, analysis, demonstration, structure and purposes) (10 mins)
[BREAK] 10 mins
5. Constructing and organizing an e-portfolio (sites, links, free tools and guided hands-on experimentation) (30 mins):
a. the components
b. the tools
c. compromises and work-arounds
d. institutional or public hosting
6. Modelling and scaffolding e-portfolios (10 mins: points 6-8)
7. Feedback, refinement and networking
8. Privacy, access and re-purposing
9. Review, Q and A and follow-up (15 mins)